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Not that I've had any idea who is going to stumble across my page and actually want to add me :P but thought I should probably point out that my journal is Friends Only. And I don't really know many people on here so new friends would always be very nice... that is, if you want to read the sometimes crazy/depressive/completely random ramblings of a 17 year old girl =)

STOCK colourful train scene

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Well, I am back!! Been away in Peru for a year and now returned to the land of the scots... most incredible time in my life, had the most fantastic year and could probably write a book about it if I had a little more time! But enough about that, as this livejournal has decided it doesnt like me anymore, so I have made a new one... aliceypalicey don't really mind, I've been a way for so long that in some ways it's nice to make a fresh start especially as I'm heading to university soon, so it's like a new chapter :)

If you were my friend on this livejournal, please just leave me a wee comment on my new journal and I will be sure to add you back!
STOCK colourful train scene

LotR and Lost icons

More icons - whoopee! Was going to wait until I'd "iconised" the whole of FotR but don't know how long that will be, so decided might as well post them now! Also most of the Lost icons are old ones I had on my old account but thought might as well post them on here too =)

#1 - 36 Lord of the Rings
#37 - 59 Lost


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